Sun Holidays after surgery

So the deed is done, you have had the surgery and come to the end of your treatment. Time to pick up the threads of your life. For me that was planning a summer holiday for the family.
We normally head off to Turkey every year as we have an apartment in the sunny town of Kusadasi so this was the first thing on the list we organised when my treatment finished. I felt excited to be heading off but then the realisation struck, how was I going to wear a swimsuit and sit by the pool with one boob missing?
The complex was new and people were only starting to take up residency so naturally everyone would be eager to meet their new neighbours. The last thing I wanted as a first conversation was my surgery and I started to dread the upcoming holiday.
There are a number of web sites you can order mastectomy swimwear from but to be honest I didn’t like any of these swimsuits and they are so over priced. I decided to call the breast care nurse in the breast clinic to see what is available in regard to swimwear. The breast care nurse gave me the address of a supplier in Dublin and I rang to make an appointment, the staff at the supplier’s were very helpful but again I felt the swimwear was very dated (something you would expect your granny to wear) so what I did end up buying was a prosthesis designed for swimming; code name Calypso and some cotton breast pockets. These pockets can be sewn into any bra to support your breast form which I thought was a great idea.
Next stop was to go shopping for a regular bikini and I brought my breast form with me so I could measure it up to the bikini; to see if it would fit snugly. I took the bikinis into the dressing room to do this not wanting to take a jelly boob out in public. I ended up buying 2 regular bikinis and a swimsuit and sewed the pockets into place when I got home. It worked great and I now felt I could sit at the pool without looking out of place. I guess this is a major thing; well it was with me just wanting to appear as normal as the next person.

The first day at the pool was testing to say the least but I decided I was going to enjoy my holiday and I was not going to think about it further. As people started to arrive and conversations started up I would pop a t-shirt on and thankfully the conversation I was dreading never came up. We got to know some of our new neighbours and when I felt comfortable I spoke about my cancer. None of our neighbours had any idea and I was later asked if I had the surgery yet, which made my decade.
So it is possible to have a holiday which includes the pool, the beach, the water parks whatever you did before surgery and by picking the right swimwear you never need to feel self concuss, just go and have a wonderful time God knows we all deserve it.

Of course it has to be said factor 50 is the way to go and don’t stay in direct sun too long, use an umbrella.
Perhaps there are women out there who are braver then me and don’t feel as I do about trying to look normal and to those I say; you have my respect. For those who feel as I do and you need the name of the suppliers in Dublin feel free and give me a shout. As for me I am heading back to the sun this year with no ill thoughts about how I look.

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