Eating to stay Healthy

Because each cancer type is fundamentally different in origin, composition, and responsiveness to treatment, reliable prevention techniques are exceedingly difficult to identify. Evidence that a certain behavior prevents cancer is difficult to confirm because the purpose of cancer prevention is to provide an outcome where nothing changes (i.e. cancer does not develop).

 Additionally, because cancer prevention cannot usually be accomplished by a one time event, these preventative measures must be taken for many years for any results to be examined. Even if something is shown to help prevent a certain type of cancer, there is no guarantee that eating or behaving in a certain way will absolutely assure freedom from cancer development.

Much of the evidence for cancer prevention is not definitive. As an example, a diet low in fat but high in fiber , fruits and vegetables has been associated with lower risks in several cancer types. There have also been a number of studies that have shown no connection between these kinds of diets and lower rates of cancer . Exercise has exhibited positive influence on cancer occurrance in some studies; in others, exercise does not seem to make a difference .
Despite some conflicting evidence, the National Cancer Institute contends that the best way to help prevent cancer is to exercise, as well as eat a low calorie diet containing fiber, fruits, and vegetables. They also suggest that people should avoid a sedentary lifestyle, animal fats, and grilled meats to lessen the risk of developing cancer . Research suggests that a combination of different essential nutrients as opposed to a high level of one compound is best to reduce cancer risk .
Another way to help prevent cancer is to avoid behaviors that are generally accepted to increase your risk of cancer. Some of the behaviors linked to cancer development are tobacco use , alcohol consumption ,obesity , and sun exposure . A study on Swedish families shows that an increased risk of cancer is more associated with environmental factors, diet and exercise rather than heredity . The American Cancer Society suggests that a third of all American cancer deaths are linked to poor diet and lack of exercise. Additionally, another third of all cancer deaths are preventable by avoiding tobacco products . The World Health Organization believes that 40% of cancer deaths world-wide could be prevented with proper diet, exercise, and tobacco avoidance .

I have learnt from a good friend that certain product we use in our everyday life can also add to the cause of certain cancers, reading this will open your eyes as it did mine.
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